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(Tel: Ireland: +353 (0)85 734 4671 or UK: +447506 778807)                       -updated 18/04/22 

RE: Ireland:  Our Galway Workshop is currently out of operation (caused by the Covid-19 issue). We don't currently have a date for reopening, but will update progress on here in the coming weeks.  

RE: UK: Our UK Office in Harrow is now back up and running, so currently open for Business. Whatever service you need, you will find us always available online.


"IT Experts you can rely on"
Data Recovery Services: 
We recover files information from all types of media (hard drive, SSD drives, USB Memory sticks/Pen drives etc), and operating system independent (whether it be, Windows 10, Windows 7 (Vista, XP, even Windows 95, or 3.11 !!). We also include MacOS, Android or Linux we can recover the data).  So if you've lost ANY digital data please get in contact with us, and we'll give you a free assessment depending on your situation. (Generally All Files recovered, photos, videos, music, documents, emails etc.. all recoverable)
 General Company Info:
A quick summary about our company: We have been providing Computer service (as well as general IT Services: see below) in Ireland and the UK for over 19 years and during this time we have helped our Customers keep up-to-date with modern IT trends, as well as provide best value solutions, so our customers get better IT support for less.
Our main activities are IT Service, including PC and Network Sales and Services as well as a whole host of Web Services. For more details feel free to navigate our Products / Services Section at the top of this page. We are a small, but well organised forward looking company, and enjoy working with clients with the same forward thinking approach to business. Although the majority of our customers are from the Business Community (SME's) we also cater for consumers, Education Establishments, and Public Bodies (and have clients from all of these sections if you need any references).
We carry out Computer repairs and service ( PC Service ), Laptop Computers sales and service ( Notebooks / Laptop Computers ), We are a Slough based Service company also selling Computer systems, IT support, PC supplies, IT Services, Components. We have Technician or Engineer support contracts through both our Remote Managed Services and on-site services. We also provide Web Hosting, Domain registration, Remote backup from our own and hosted Servers.
We consider IT services to be important across the board in your business, and not just maintaining your traditional systems, keeping computer records etc, as being the only areas of IT you should be aware of.  Keeping your website up-to-date is critical, as it shows that you are running a realtime customer-centric business, rather than an aspiration ideal that you have set yourself out to do. 
As we evolve progressively, we like to help our clients do the same using this wonderful technology. One of our biggest challenges in recent months (even years!) has been "How to show our visitors, how our business has been evolving", yet modifying our website to reflect this position sometimes felt like rocket science to our Tech 'savvy' Engineers. So we can imagine what a hurdle this is for the less 'techy' orientated individuals among us. Hence we have adopted a new approach to our business in that we target our customers from our website with a winning formula that we also use to help our customers win with theirs!. Feel free to contact us to find out more.
Searching for our IT / Computer Services?

If you have found us via a search engine (e.g. Google, using "Computers Slough" or "Computer repairs Slough",  "Computers Ireland: Galway or Dundalk" or "Computer repairs  Dundalk",  then you have come to the right place. So feel free to get in touch with us preferably via phone or email and we will get right back to you.

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Note: As part of our progressive policy to give our clients maximum levels of service, we prefer email contact if your query involves looking for technical solutions, where for example you can include the part number of what you are looking for, or a good description in the email. If on the other hand it is just a quick query to find out if we can help you with something quick, then a quick phonecall is better.

Our website (as you may have seen) is constantly evolving as well, so if you spot any discrepancies, or have any issues or areas you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact us about these issues at SUPPORT AT: XLCOMP.COM where AT:=@. (Keep the spammers out by writing your email address in a non-standard format wherever you can on your website). All other general enquiries to inco AT: XLCOMP.COM 





 Additional Services Provided:
Computer / Laptop / Notebook repairs , as well as Tablet and Mobile Phone (incl iPods / iPads) repair specialists - Because we are carry a substantial stock of spare parts, we are keen to offer you the best deals on any such repairs. We are also offering low cost upgrades, and of course the usual free advice on how to make the best of what you've got, or if you've got a computer problem, the most cost effective method to solve it (e.g. buy new or low cost repair etc.) - Why not call us or email us for the best advice around!.

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